Blogs I Like

Daniel Fast

Michael Hardin

Brad Jersak

Derek Flood

Split Frame of Reference

Confessions of a Funeral Director

Alise… Write!

Shawn Smucker


Sarah Over The Moon

Jamie The Very Worst Missionary

Boycott Israel

Mama Monk

Man of Depravity

Some Wise Guy


Christian Piatt

Nadia Bolz Weber

Faith Goes Pop

Joy In This Journey

Carole Smith Turner

History In The Making


Baby Bloomr


Stephen Brewster

Tamara Out Loud

Bryan Allain

Danny Eason

Annie Blogs

The God Article

Rachel Held Evans

John Shore

Mercy Not Sacrifice

Sarah Bessey

Sparks From The Soul

Red Letter Christians

Redemption Pictures


The American Jesus

Jayson Bradley

Peter Enns

Krista Dalton

Homebrewed Christianity

Unfundamentalist Christians

Formerly Fundie

A Deeper Story


Experimental Theology

Jonathan Martin

Jesus Creed

Christena Cleveland



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