A little about me.  This blog has within its pages, pages from previous blog incarnations, 79254-sam_piratemonk3from two platforms, Blogger and WordPress.  I at one time had several blogs, which had particular themes and titles.  Some of the blogs involved the particular church incarnation I was involved with, or the particular ministry that I engaged in.  So, this time it is all about me.  I am going to make things more personal, and less “third person”, which is not what I am either used to, or what I particularly feel “safe” in doing.  But to hang it “out there” I need to be more personal, and more engaged and direct.

I am a naturalized Canadian, from European stock. I am Northern Irish by birth, which makes me British (when that definition includes the other segments of Scots, Welsh, and English).  I make a natural Canadian, as I was raised in France where my family were Christian missionaries.  I came to Canada as a pre-teen. My first language was French. English is my second language.  I know. Figure it out. Born a Brit, raised and educated a Frenchman. I have some things in common with William Wallace.

I was raised in a missionary/pastor’s home and church was as normal as breathing, eating, drinking, and any other activity.  Our life as a family was centred around Christian spirituality and community and mission. So, I have grown up the “son of a preacher man”.

In my late teens I enlisted in the military and served eight years. I drifted away from “church” for about five years.  I returned to God who had always been there for me and decided to go to Bible College.  I met my wife before then, and went to college and graduated with a Bachelor in Theology.

My wife and I over the years have experienced every form of church life imaginable. We have been involved in small groups, and led small groups, and taught small groups.  We went from classical Pentecostalism to non-charismatic, to Anabaptist, to Charismatic churches. For fourteen years we were involved in planting house churches. Now again, we are part of a Charismatic Anabaptist fellowship.

My blog here will cover my interests, from matters of faith, conscience, philosophy, history, politics, sports, movies, books and other interests. You will hear my thoughts, ideas, and insights on a variety of topics and subjects.

My loves in my life are Jesus Christ, my wife Lori, our children, our friends, all things Apple, especially Macs, and reading and writing, walking and camping, music, from Rock from the 60’s and 70’s, to Classical music, Blues and Jazz and Celtic.

Cheers and welcome to my blog.

Sam the Mac Man.

Acts 17: 28

In ipso enim vivimus et movemur et sumus [In God we live, move and have our being].


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