UK #Brexit Supreme Court Decision: It Doesn’t Mean A Bloody Thing!

Get On With It! Pass The Required Law And Start Negotiations


article-1217459-06a81f7c000005dc-889_634x470On this day the United Kingdom Supreme Court of eleven justices rendered their decision concerning how the UK may leave #Brexit. Please note that it was not debating the result of the vote from last year, but in recognition of that Leave Campaign and its victory, the decision of the court was to determine whether or not Prime Minister May had to receive the go ahead to trigger Article 50 of the EU Lisbon Treaty, the mechanism for exiting the European Union, or whether Elizabeth May could use that archaic sovereign mechanism of the British monarchy known as “royal prerogative.”  May prepared the country and the EU and the rest of us last week with her speech of twelve key points on moving ahead with Brexit. May was more than prepared for the Supreme Court decision to defer the debate back into Parliament in order for the representatives of the people to debate loudly and vigorously on the measures in place for leaving the EU.

The results of Supreme Court decision assert Parliament authority over the lives of British citizens not the EU

climate-change-and-the-rule-of-law-01One of the key decisions of the Supreme Court was that Parliament is the only institution that can rule on, change or define the rights of British citizens. As such it is Parliament, the UK Parliament that must discuss, debate, and rule by law, an act of Parliament, that will enable the sitting governing party to rule and activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, that will begin the two year negotiations of the “great divorce.”  Coupled with this decision, is also the Supreme Court ruling that the UK Parliament, the sitting government “may” consult with the devolved regional parliaments (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), but that it does “not have to do so.”  This is a good decision.

The usual frenzy of mainstream media and the decision

article-50-brexit-731257As usual the media, the British tabloids have gotten into the sensationalizing of headlines, and as much as it is to grab a headline and sell papers, it is also a deception. No matter which side a particular publication may be on, the fact of the matter is, nothing is stopping Brexit from happening.  All this ruling has done is dictate the process to follow to ensure the legality and parliamentary process is followed to guarantee the will of the people to leave the EU is done precisely and according to British law and procedure. All these justices did was give the serve back to PM May, and told her to get on with the job or putting legislation in Parliament so it can be voted on, and then set the process for activating Article 50 to let the negotiations of the divorce from EU to begin, with the support of Parliament. There is NOTHING the Remainers can do. The people spoke. The UK is leaving the EU. Let is now move forward.

The distinction between the referendum and an Act of Parliament

_46063233_20090618supremecourt020The decision of the Supreme Court reflects an understanding that the referendum that defeated previous PM Cameron and the Remain Campaign was in itself simply a referendum and not legally binding and as such the court viewed is as a consultative exercise, and the decision of the court reflected the justices understanding that it would take an Act of Parliament to make Brexit legal.

00maybrexit-717550PM May will created a one-line Bill which will be drawn up and debated in Parliament, and the Bill will go through the Commons and the Lords swiftly before becoming an Act of Parliament. As it currently stands the Conservatives have more than enough MP’s and Lords to pass the Bill into law that will then allow PM May to trigger Article 50.

Many Brits & Ex-Pats were never fans of the EU and its bureaucracy 

wd-eu_ref_one_monthFor those of us Ex-Pats living abroad, we watch this unfold with a keen eye for the historical moment this is.  For many of us, the Economic Community was one thing, but this evolution into the European Union was quite another. Many Brits at home and abroad did not like the EU and what it did to the sovereignty of European nation states.  Many of us were thankful that the UK did not adopt the Euro which has been an economic disaster.  The current EU partners are about to form an EU military force which the UK has resisted for a long time, and it appears to the next thing on the plate of the 27 partners.  My only question with them is, why bother to be part of NATO if you are going to create an EU military force? This quest for a military force is to cement the union of nation states into one block so intrinsically interconnected that nations will find it next to impossible to leave the European Union.

This divorce is happening, whether the Remain MP’s or Remain voters realize it or not

the-brexit-divorce-process-300x251This British led divorce is necessary at this time to recover the sovereignty of the British nation state of the distinct and unique peoples of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  I am glad to see it happen.  I am glad that the UK has some trade deals in process with the Commonwealth nations and with the USA and the Far East and Pacific nation states.  PM May and her vision of a globally minded United Kingdom is a better future for all people within the UK. I wish her well in her quest to reach a deal with the EU.

Celebrating the disintegration of autocratic, bureaucratic rule of elites in Brussels, Berlin and Paris

after_brexitx_le_pen_calls_for_french_xfrexitx_referendum_on_eu-jpg_1718483346I also wish France well with #Frexit and all the other EU nations who are having elections in 2017.  Brexit was only the beginning. The dream lives on in the nation states on the European continent. They all want their countries back. I do too.


The “European Experiment” is over. Hitler’s “Germania” across Europe is “Kaput”!

demonstration_against_morten_kjaerum_in_viennaTime for Europeans to get over it. Before long the whole framework will implode and collapse internally and become unsustainable. Thanks to Angela Merkel’s idiotic open borders and refugees policy, “Fortress Europa” is done. Finished. 

Peace & grace.

~ Samuel M. Buick



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