March For Women in Washington: A Misnomer That Misrepresents Women & Their Issues

selfieSome will want to dismiss me outright simply because I am a man, and that as a man I have no say in what women say or do or believe. If you are one of those who thinks in those categories, you are simply proving my point. The Women’s March in Washington is an exclusionary segment of women within our society that not only excludes women who don’t think like them, but excludes those who don’t hold to a particular ideology and creed. Don’t tell me you represent women, because you quite frankly don’t. You represent only a certain kind of woman, dismissing all others as not valuable simply because they don’t buy into your form of ideological political social reproductive rights feminism.

What is wrong with the feminist movement today has been wrong from the beginning

img_20160122_150517265I am a father of women. I have no sons. I only have sons in law. I live in a house of women, and the only male companion is my dog. I have lived and shared life with females my entire life. I know what it is to live with a sister, her being the only girl in a family of boys. I married a wonderful woman and we two have had three exceptionally incredible girls, two of which have grown into beautiful, talented, gifted, capable women (our first born passed away at age 9 having battled cancer since age 2). They are nothing short of brilliant in their own right. As a Dad I want them to be the best that they can be as human beings, as contributors to the betterment of our society, as spouses to the men they love, and as future mothers, should they choose that responsibility of bringing new life into the world and raising them to embrace life in its fullness and vastness of beauty, grace, love and peace.

tumblr_mekndlixtn1r09qs1o1_500The feminist movement today is marred by a sectarian divisive spirit and it is linked to abortion rights. The movement would rather try to hide behind the less than vanilla title of “reproductive rights.”  This has nothing to do with the babies in the womb and everything to do with illogical ideological nonsense of the supposed “right” of a woman to determine whether or not they should carry a baby to full term. This is the divide. I won’t debate the issue of abortion here. It is simply the context that frames the discussion on the current state of the “feminist movement” not only in the United States but in the Western world.

Ideologically, for the “feminist movement” to be taken seriously, it has to cease being a “one issue” movement

feministThe Women’s March movement is stuck between a rock and a hard place. They want to have their cake and eat it too. The movement is at a cross roads.  This particular Women’s March is supposedly about women’s response to Donald J. Trump winning the election, and the fear that was generated by the DNC and their failed candidate Hillary Clinton. Their smear campaign against Donald Trump backfired and while they demeaned, demonized and attacked Trump’s “character” with smears of xenophobia, homophobia, islamophobia and misogynism, the GOP and their candidate, Trump, attacked Clinton’s history of lies, deceptions, misinformation, and treasonous activities with mail servers, emails, broken security, hacking, and her deplorable record as a failed politician both as a senator and as Secretary of State.

Everyone, especially in the mainstream media, expected Clinton to be elected

hillaryWell, she was not elected. In fact overwhelming amounts of women voted for Trump instead of Clinton. This reveals for all to see that women who want to be taken seriously, are going to vote for the candidate that represents their issues, and not vote based on the gender politics of the left.  Women voted for Trump based on the platform and issues that mattered to them, ranging from the economy, taxes, securing the border, international security, Obamacare (the not so Affordable Care Act), state rights, and a myriad of other issues, that really have very little to do with the feminist obsession with “reproductive rights.”

feministmovement-e1277283736116Women care about all the issues that men care about, and about others that are related to them. They also want to hold their politicians to account for what they say and do. This too has to do with why in record numbers women who had voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 voted for Trump. They felt betrayed by the ideological decisions made with the “pen and phone” by Obama, who forced his left wing social agenda through his time in office by issuing executive orders (now most will be dismantled in the same manny by the new Trump Administration).  Obama could not work with a Republican Senate and the two sides grew apart from the onset of his first administration.

Obama’s supposed legacy is a legacy of failure

barack-obama-hillary-clinton-hug-photoshop-battle-46-579b15e766397__700By the time 2012 came around, Obama was reduced to executive orders which undermined bipartisan cooperation and led to many undemocratic initiatives being brought about by the Executive Branch of government, rather than through the Legislative Branch.  This only made Obama’s supposed “legacy” tentative at best as he was limited to two terms in office and depended on the next President to cement his legacy. Unfortunately his term in office was marred by his use of executive orders and the social upheaval his social agenda caused across the USA. From the military, to education, to non government organizations, religious institutions, state legislatures, the impact of executive orders were felt, as were the scandals over leaks concerning national security, Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), Arab Spring, the failed Benghazi incident that led to the loss of four American lives, and early withdrawal from Iraq which resulted in creating ISIS. The now infamous Wikileaks of the John Podesta emails, which reinforced again the arrogance of the DNC (Democratic National Committee), Hillary Clinton refusing to use a government secure server when she was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation (Global Initiative) and its laundering of foreign moneys for access to the Secretary of State (pay for play), all these and more just played into the GOP’s hands, and the growing public mistrust of the Democrats and their flawed and failed candidate Hillary Clinton, who was viewed as the guarantor of Obama’s legacy.

The voting public would have nothing of it

herstoryWhat had been presumed was exposed for the horror that it was. The public wanted control back from an overly bureaucratic Washington elite, which used the media like a puppeteer to message out the message that it wanted, and if they piped it enough times, the people would simply go along and just guarantee that the left wing world view of the globalists, who harnessed the social agenda of the feminist movement to their own wagon and off they went to “na na land” whistling as they did along their merry way, thinking that they were going to ram rod and force through a world view and way of doing life and politics that would forever remove itself for real accountability to the people.

And along came people, rising up, all across the nations

3924046Along the way there arose populist movements, some were socialists (Bernie Sanders) and some were of the right (individual rights and accountability). The populist movements exploded in the EU countries of Europe and Brexit is an example of what that populist movement has done, and it is influencing politics and social movement across the whole European continent and threatens to implode the bureaucratic behemoth in Brussels, Paris and Berlin. We are seeing the dismantling of Hitler’s dream of “Germania” (economic and political union of Europe).

trumphillaryIn the US we saw the rise of the unlikeliest candidate of all, Donald Trump, as the so called “outsider” who defeated 16 challengers to the Republican mantle as party candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Everyone dismissed him, and the mainstream media loved him, for he was a media reality TV star.  CNN helped create the myth of Donald Trump. Every opportunity was taken to promote him and talk about him, until that is, he actually won the Republican nomination, and did in fact become the story of the year, and Time Magazine made him the man of the year. The very media, the very biased and opinionated propagandist mainstream media that helped create the legend of Donald Trump, and made billions of dollars from covering him on their networks, in their publications, and social media feeds, were faced with the challenge of trying to stop him.

1401117211585736They were far from being unbiased.  They went out of the way as I said to smear him and attack him. Look, I am the furthest from being a supporter of Donald Trump. I supported the vast majority of the Republican platform. I pretty well disliked everything that Obama and Hillary Clinton stood for.  The media were the pimps of the Democratic Party, and used all their power and influence to control the news narrative every day, and attacked Trump at every opportunity they could.  Just where did that video and audio sound bite revealing Trumps attitude about women from over a decade ago come from? Who leaked that out? Someone somewhere did that as part of a smear campaign.

This campaign DID NOT create a divided country

DSC_9133The country was already divided. Obama only made things worse when he took office. The US was divided when G W Bush was elected. When the Democrats lost that election in 2000, the controversy divided the nation which has lasted to this day. Eight years of Bush Administration was succeeded by eight years of Obama Administration and they were polar opposites, each pulling the country in opposite directions, further dividing the country, and its prestige, power and influence world wide suffered and deteriorated to the point where nations like Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, the Middle East, all disregard what the United States has to say. In large part this ignoring of Washington and what is in the interests of the US has largely been the direct result of Obama’s failed foreign policy initiatives under Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry.

Women were affected by this as every other male was affected by this

dnc-anti-bernie-sanders-campaign-700x350In large numbers women voiced their concerns, and all Clinton kept saying was that she would continue to do what Obama had started. People knew they were not being heard, and the one Democrat who actually listened to people, Bernie Sanders, was betrayed by his own party officials at the DNC who did all they could to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win the nomination.  All Clinton did was reveal by her actions and conduct that she was an establishment politician who wanted to become the first woman President. That was not a reason to vote for her. Women saw through Clinton and many rejected her out of hand. While many shouted, “I’m with her!” just as many shouted, “I’m not with her!” and “Anyone but her!” Bernie got left out in the cold and many Democrat supporters felt betrayed, especially when leaks revealed the collusion between the DNC and Clinton in hijacking the nomination for Clinton at the expense of Bernie Sanders.


Women want to be taken seriously

womens-marchWomen are marching today in Washington, and in many cities around the US and around the world as a show of solidarity. In democratic societies, it is good to see peaceful marches where people can march and express their concerns. It can also lead to further dialog and understanding.  Hopefully this march will create more meaningful conversations not only among women, but among all citizens, regardless of what side of the divide you are on, come together and work on the issues facing society together.

The inauguration was a celebration of democracy and not the celebration of victory

million-women-march-on-washington-dc-facebook-event-group-2017-3The inauguration yesterday revealed the lack of respect for the institution of American democracy and the peaceful transition of power that happens in a democracy. The US form of that transition includes all parties, elected officials and citizens coming together to celebrate this peaceful transition of power. Having 1/3 of Democrat politicians abstain from attendance is an insult to democracy and insult to all American citizens. The one person who showed a lot of class and understanding of what democracy should be about, was Hillary Clinton when she showed up with her husband and attended the inauguration. Too bad the rest of the DNC and the Democrat politicians did not understand this about their own democracy.  They let down the American people.

The Women’s March to be truly relevant needs to do more than march about one issue

The Women’s March needs to evolve with the times:

  1. The feminist movement in America has too long been ruled by the ideology or reproductive rights. That has to end to reflect the new reality. It is about ALL women, and ALL the issues that affect women.
  2. The feminist movement needs to actively engage with and work with women across all political, social, racial and religious divides in order to truly reflect the women of their society and culture.
  3. The feminist movement needs to become less reactionary and more proactive in advocating for the issues that matter to all women of all ages across society.
  4. The feminist movement needs to actively engage in becoming more inclusive of diversity of opinion, attitudes, and alternative possibilities, and needs to stop trying to win through dividing and conquering.
  5. The feminist movement needs to become more of a bridge between the divisions in society, and become agents of communication, understanding, tolerance, and cooperation in creating a better world for themselves, their spouses and their children.


Today, I respect the rights of women everywhere to march about the issues that matter to them

womens_march-1484753392-4698The issues are many and varied and are bigger than Roe v. Wade or reproduction rights. The issues that affect women today affect the men and children in their lives as much as it does them and there should be engagement at every level, in mutual respect and dialog, to work together for the betterment of all in society.  Women have been the givers of life and the nurturers and succors of life that most of us have known. We would not be who we are today without the wonderful women who have graced our lives and given of themselves to the betterment of our own lives.

Today is as much a recognition of that truth, and also a recognition that we all could do so much more to the issues being raised by women today

womens-march-washington-logoIt’s not just about the unborn and reproductive rights, and that issue alone should not be used to divide from or exclude other women who disagree with their views on reproductive rights. The feminist movement needs to grow up and change with the times and become more than a one issue movement.

Peace & grace

~ Samuel M. Buick


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