From Its Founding America Has All Been About Greed, Exploitation, At The Expense of Others

The Gospel of “American Empire”



Lady Liberty shamed.


When you see the American love affair with guns, 2nd Amendment rights, religious liberty, the sense of imperialism when it comes to spreading the “Gospel of American Empire” and “America, the land of opportunity,” Americans generally forget that “getting ahead” is usually at the expense of another person, another rival company, another country.  American prosperity doctrine and the dogma of “free enterprise” is always “profit at the expense of someone else.”  You see it in the two presidential candidates of the two main parties, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Without regard to political party, and in spite of all their talk about being for the “little guy.”

American prosperity is rooted in greed and exploitation of others


Massachusetts Bay Colony

quote-but-black-folks-have-never-really-been-optimists-we-ve-been-prisoners-of-hope-and-hope-cornel-west-122-85-02American prosperity has been firmly rooted in the “exploitation of others” and that includes the expropriation of land, natural resources, and using the means of force and violence as a means of what you cannot accomplish through diplomacy and negotiation where all parties can mutually benefit in the exchange. Trump himself has said that to negotiate without coming out on top is to be a loser.  That sentiment was not created in a vacuum. It is rooted in the American national psyche and the evidence of history is proof of this American arrogant mindset.

America treats even nations, the same way they treat citizens

amempirebbgakwdIt is this mindset that even American allies have difficulty with. There is no appreciation for humility and cooperation and negotiation that will benefit all.  US foreign and domestic policy reflect the American model of “free enterprise,” whose ideal and motto is, “whoever has the most at the end of the day is the winner.” This is what is what is wrong with America.

America’s problem is rooted in its founding and identity

puritansAmerica’s founding as an English colony is steeped with that kind of rogue imperialistic thinking.  You find it in the Puritans who came to New England and set up the Massachusetts Bay colony.  The governor John Winthrop, created the excuse to expropriate and exploit Indian land by declaring the area legally a “vacuum.”  He said the Indians had not “subdued” the land and had therefore had only a “natural” right to the land, but no “civil right” and therefore according to him, Indians did not have “legal standing.”

The unfortunate appeal to the Bible to justify exploitation, violence, death and land expropriation
psalm_2_8-white-800x800The Puritans regrettably appealed to the Bible, and many American Christians, and many of whom I know personally, love to quote a particular verse from the Old Testament that embodies and emboldens people of Christian faith, to exploit others, when they quote Psalm 2:8 and 9:

8 Ask me,
    and I will make the nations your inheritance,
    the ends of the earth your possession.
You will break them with a rod of iron[a];
    you will dash them to pieces like pottery.” [Psalm 2:8-9]

romans-13-government-and-citizenship-9-638These same Puritans justified their use of force and violence and death in the taking of Indian land by citing Romans 13:2, which states:

Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. [Romans 13:2]

The imperialism of the Puritans

plymouth_colony_map-svgThe Puritans lived in uneasy truce with the Pequot Indians, who occupied what is now southern Connecticut and Rhode Island. But they wanted them out of the way. They wanted their land. They wanted to establish their rule over the land and the settlers firmly.

The American “Empire” carries on much like it did in Puritan New England

americanizationThe history of America is replete with this same ongoing phenomena of expansion and growth through exploitation, through divide and conquer all in the name of free enterprise and being the dominant power not only on the continent, but the world and its resources, and even the subjugating of their own citizens by the powerful elites using all levers of power to get what they want.

The current American Election just continues this quest of power and control

greedyfoolsAmerica was founded like this. America is like this today.  And you wonder why the “little people” are all angry, and why the electorate are wanting to see change from the top to the bottom in this election cycle? You need not wonder. It is all rooted in the national psyche and the American model of fulfilling the “American dream.”

The mutual exploitation of others in the name of “getting ahead”

americandreamThe American dream is always at the expense of another person, another family, another business, another city, another state, another county. To actually negotiate mutually beneficial agreements and business deals is perceived as a sign of weakness. This is how twisted and perverse the American dream has not only become, but has always been from the very founding of the nation as an English colony.

The protest of Black Lives Matter & Colin Kaepernick express those who are without equity and social justice 

peopleshistoryzinnJust read again the early history of the United States. Go ahead. It’s your history. You own it. It’s your legacy. You cannot escape it. And, it’s your own shame. Don’t damn the “Black Lives Matter” movement, or decry Colin Kaepernick for his stand (or kneeling) for the anthem. He knows how bad the “American dream” is and that others are always left out and exploited, neglected, abused, murdered, while the elite just watch and hope it just goes away.

This nightmare situation is just not going away

american-dreamThis is not going away. It is the national identity and it is a terrible thing to behold. It is the “ugly American dream” that has become a nightmare. The American dream is based on greed and exploitation, and now you are having those who are without any portion of it, refusing to take it  lying down and are angry and what their own share.


~ Samuel M. Buick


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