Day 2: Bone Scan at Toronto General & Mystical Encounter With Jesus

You arise and prepare yourself but you have no idea how your day will unfold


My day began early enough. The alarms I had set worked quitewell. The music alarm on my Android phone worked great, as I awoke with the sounds of Amanda Cook singing “You Make Me Brave,” and right away my mind was set on getting out of the boat and walking on the water!

Facebook-Messenger-iPadI washed up and cleaned up, and was a able to Facebook Message Lori. Lori was waiting to see if her office was closed due to the weather. She ended up driving to Woodstock to work at the office and see clients there.

The first day always presents its own unique challenges

uhnI checked the schedule to see when the shuttle bus would be going to the hospital, and the bus leaves at 7:30 am, and that was in conflict with the breakfast schedule. I ended up taking the shuttle and getting to the hospital an hour before my scheduled appointment. That was fine by me. I had to get there for 9:30 and I was there an hour before. I was able to go to the registration desk and they found me in the system with little difficulty. It still amazes me how all this bureaucracy works in our Ontario Health Care system. We may have a slower diagnostic process, as I experienced, but when they lock in on what they are dealing with, the system can become very efficient. This has been my experience on this journey.

 How I got to this point…

samaoktogoMy surgeon in Kitchener was the person who referred me to his contacts at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, a cancer treatment centre that is in the top five in the world. My doctor who oversees my case at PMH (Princess Margaret) is a world renown radiation oncologist with over 30 years experience. He handed off the case to his top oncologist who is respected world wide and has done much both in research and in teaching as well as treating cancer. He is also a professor at University of Toronto School of Medicine. So for me, this is all good, to be in the hands of people involved in cutting edge medicine. Due to the “mysterious” nature of the cancer that I have been dealing with, it is good to be with those who are there on the front lines fighting this horrific disease that ravages so many people’s lives here and around the world.

I believe in divine providence and nothing happens by “chance”
grand-river-hospitalThere is no coincidence that I had my surgeon, as there are many available, but this particular surgeon I believe was a God appointed surgeon. He was nothing short of brilliant in my books. You see, I am not a fan of any physician (no offense to doctors reading my blog post). I have a built in bias that has developed over the years, that has taken a long time to let go off and to trust the system and the doctors again, especially after our ordeal with the system when our first born daughter Carragh, battled cancer for over seven years. But to be in the hands of these doctors have been a real blessing to me. Believe me, I am thankful for the physicians that attend to my care and medical needs. I also appreciate all the nurses, and all the various therapists and technicians that I have had to deal with. They have all been courteous, friendly, engaging, and very profession in their dealing with me. I could not be more honoured and blessed to be a patient under their care and supervision. God has it all covered, and there is ample evidence of it everywhere I go and in everything I go through. I sense the presence of God in my ongoing interactions with people throughout the day. I know I am covered in prayer by people who have my back spiritually, and it is bearing fruit in my day to day life and the encounters I am having with people. Please keep praying. There is much fruit coming out of this.

Oh, the “blue waiting room”…

torontogeneralNow back to Toronto General Hospital (hereafter TGH), where I was waiting for this appointment at 9:30 am. I was directed by the registration desk to go and follow the “blue waiting room” signs along the corridors which wound their circuitous ways around the first floor of TGH. I found my way with little difficulty, and waited in the waiting room. There we’re some pretty amazing people there, waiting their own turn to get in for their various appointments. I got in to see the RN 25 minutes early. Bonus! She informed me that they had moved up my bone scan appointment to noon hour, and that I could go and eat something before having the bone scan at 12 pm. The needle took minutes to go through and I was able to leave around 9:20 am and go back to the lobby area and line up at Tim Hortons for a coffee and bacon and egg English muffin and hash brown and a bottle of water. I went to the comfy chairs and sat down and enjoyed my breakfast.

bonescanI made my way back to the “blue waiting room” and they called my name right on time, at 12 noon exactly. I went to the room that had the scan, and I was greeted by a lovely woman who was beaming with this wonderful smile and she was so pleasant to deal with and explained everything to me. She allowed me to take some photos of the machine, which is 18 years old and is about to be retired in February 2016. It cost over 1 million dollars when it was purchased. She told me it is the yearly service fees that make the manufacturers the money on the their technology. The service contract on this one machine is $250,000 per year. Do the math. This one machine over a 20 year span would make the company an addition $5 million dollars in fees. It is staggering to contemplate the cost of the hardware and service contracts and that does not include the costs for the procedures and treatments people receive either. Cue, “blow my mind”!

scanThe appointment lasted just under one hour. There were two scans. There was one for the entire body, from head to toe. Then there was one for the thorax, to cover the are where the cancer had first appeared on my right chest area. I did not feel anything. It was a quiet machine and it did what it needed to do. The only thing that was tough to deal with was behind put in proper place and not being able to move around for that one hour. Other than that, it went very well.

What I thought would be an “ordinary” procedure resulted in a divine mystical encounter

mysticalbodyofchristI had a mystical encounter with Jesus while lying strapped on the machine. I followed the instructions of the technologist. I closed my eyes and went through what I normally do to put myself in the emotional and spiritual head space that I needed to be in. I breathed in a relaxed way and began to pray the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner.” I repeated this prayer a few times, for about a minute. I asked the Lord Jesus to come to me and reveal Himself to me. I lay there in total peace and in submission to Him. I had my eyes closed when I felt this light open up and I could see an arm extend to me, and heard a voice say, “Come up here.” The voice calmly called me to come up here three times. I could see the outline of a body saturated in light, and the light around the head was so bright I could not look directly at it. The voice was a calming voice which I sensed to be Jesus. I knew it was Jesus, I just could not make Him out from the glorious light that surrounded Him. When I had made that conclusion, the voice said, “Yes, it is I.” The Lord Jesus called up to come with Him, and I went with Him. He showed me around a vast sea of people. Some people looked familiar, and some I did not know, but sensed I should know. The Lord said, “There are many people here you know, but there are many more here who know you.” That kind of blew my mind and still does when I think about it. He said, “You can talk to any of these people. They all know you, and they are all watching what you and my beloved people do on the earth.”

Centering in Jesus through the “Jesus Prayer”

The-Jesus-PrayerIt all started with me breathing in and out and repeating the Jesus Prayer. The Jesus Prayer syncs with your breathing and you go into a deeper place of intimacy with Jesus. This was happening to me, when the “light encounter” happened. Twice I opened my eyes and discovered that I was immediately present in the moment on the machine, and when I continued to breathe and close my eyes again, I was right back there with Jesus in the mystical encounter. At that time, Jesus was aware of what I was doing and said, “You can do this anytime. You can come up here and be with me. You are with me and I am with you always.” It is mine to know and to go to. The Celts have a saying that there is a “thin place” between Heaven and earth, and I believe this is what they spoke and speak about.

The Lord said to me:

buried“Get up and out of the ground. Sam, get up and out of the ground. Get up and out of the ground. Rise up! Be not afraid! Rise up, be not afraid! Rise up! Be not afraid! It is time to get up and get out of the ground!” You know when the Lord says something once it is important. When He says it twice it is really important, and when He says it three times, well, the level of importance is huge. So I was paying attention to the Lord’s words. I thought of Gideon [see Judges 6-8] and his encounter when he was in a threshing posture in a hole hidden from the enemies of Israel so they would not see him doing what he was doing. The angel of the Lord told Gideon that he was a man of valour. I thought of this. I then had the words of Paul in Colossians 2 speaks of our being dead and buried in Christ, and rising up in resurrected life with Jesus. I died in Him. I was buried with Him. Now I am resurrected with Him. I realized in a flash of revelation, that to be seated with Christ (Ephesians) means to be in this oneness with Him. We are seated with Him in the Spirit all the time, and we can put our spirit man intentionally in His presence by coming apart from our temporal reality and arise in the Spirit, through the that inward awareness and be “there with Jesus” at any moment. I realized that yes I was in a hole in the ground, as though dead, and I had to arise out of the ground, and arise as in embracing the true spiritual resurrection we have in Jesus Christ as His new creation. I became acutely aware that I am indeed a “new creation” and that I have already spiritually resurrected out of the ground.

Jesus spoke again to me, in soft tones, and yet with a strength and firmness of voice:

Elija What are you doing here“Come out of the cave. Sam, come out of the cave. Come out of the cave.” I had a flash of Elijah as the Lord said this to me. Elijah had taken flight after Jezebel the queen, had threatened to take his life after the confrontation on Mount Carmel, where God honored the sacrifice of Elijah and then Elijah slew the 400 prophets of Baal. Jezebel was furious and wanted Elijah dead.  Elijah fled to the cave, hiding from Jezebel. Then God confronted Elijah and asked him what he was doing hiding in the cave [see First Kings 19]It was a calling to come out of hiding and to take my rightful place. I also had a flash of David and his mighty men who hid in Adullam’s cave [see 1 Samuel 22]  and who remained hidden for a season and then God called them out to fulfill their destiny.  It was time  for me to be obedient to the voice I was hearing. For so many years I have had mystical encounters with the Lord and have had some very profound prophetic ministry and words and visions, but I did not have any kind of handle on what to do with what I had received. It was now that I realized that I needed to have a key change in my heart that lead to obedient action. I realized in that moment, that the words of the Gospel were real, the revelation of “as you go” was an act of obedience [see Matthew 10]. The Lord gives instructions at the beginning but the most important ones are the ones were receive in an ongoing obedience through hearing, and listening and obeying. These three facets are keys to spiritual “success” in the Kingdom of God.

Spiritual mystical encounters always have a designed outcome

ezekiel-1Mystical ecstatic encounters without obedience are just mystical encounters. Spiritual encounters revealed in Scripture always gave a revelation that had the expectation of obedience as part of the process for fulfillment. I realized that too often I had simply received the revelation and encounter, and was almost paralyzed by it into a state of inaction, and I had no clue how to unpack the encounter and how to walk out the revelation in “obedient action”. Without the action, any encounter in the Spirit is pointless. God does not reveal Himself in an encounter for you do do nothing with it. It involves calling, it involves ongoing intimacy with Him, and ongoing revelation, that leaders to dynamic transformation of the heart and mind, which propels us into Kingdom activation and direction. I did not understand the “how to” of all that.

“As you go” makes room to hear God and obey, and make adjustments in direction and life as you obey the voice of God

asyougoThe “as you go” component was very significant. I realized all the stories of Paul are filled with “as you go” ongoing revelation and encounter, where Paul adjusted his course and direction, and the Spirit would reveal things to him, and would empower him in his encounters with people and with the demonic. THIS was what was missing in my life. It was the beginning of a HUGE shift in my thinking and in the direction I wanted and needed to go spiritually. It is not about “my ministry” but all about “Jesus and His ministry through me”. That is a huge distinction. It is time for me to come out of hiding and get out of the cave. There is this calling throughout the Kingdom of God on the earth, where there is a call going out all over the land, to those who have been hidden in the ground and to get out of the cave. There is a transition happening right now in the Spirit realm. There is a shift right now in the Spirit and in the earth, where Kingdom advancement and activation is taking place for “such a time as this” [see Esther 4]. I have to come to the “full stature” of who I am in Christ Jesus [ see Ephesians 4].

God is always ahead of the trailblazer

The Lord continued to speak to me:

trailblazer“I have called you to be a trailblazer, a pioneer.” I immediately saw a wagon train. Jesus was at the front of the wagon train. Then I heard the Lord say, “It is I that goes forth and cuts the trail ahead for you, and not you, not in your own strength and your own plans. I go forth, and I cut the trail that you are blazing through. You are the pioneer, you are the one going forth following Me, hearing My voice, and as you obey My voice, I will open up the trail, and grant you favour to go forth and accomplish the plans that I have for you.” I realized that Jesus was clearing the trail, the direction that I needed to go through. I realized that I am apostolic in a great measure of revelation more than I have ever had before. Again, three times the Lord said, “I go before you says the Lord, and cut the trail before you!” I knew this was more than just significant. The Lord was emphatic with me, “I need you to just hear my voice and obey. Do not be concerned with others. Do not be concerned about anything other than hearing My voice and obeying My voice. You already know that when I call you, I anoint you, and I empower and equip you. The thing that I required this day of you is simply to obey My voice. Will you obey My voice?” I said,”Yes Lord! Yes, I will.” The Lord said, “I am moving, and I will do what needs to be done and move ahead of you and clear the way before you, and I will unfold to you as you go, what you need to do as you need to do it, and where you are to go and who you are to engage with.”

foodAs I received this revelation from the Lord, and I was laying hold of it inside me, in my spirit. The Lord continued to speak. It was as if I was digesting something and swallowing it, and as soon as I gulped it down, the Lord would speak once more. The Lord said:

Luke17_21“You have a polis within you. You have a polis inside of you. You have a polis.” I was a bit confused by the word. It was as if a light wen on, and a realization hit me. Then the Lord said it to me again, “You have a city within you”. I then realized that “polis” is the Koine Greek for “city”. I knew this word but had not clued in to it when the Lord spoke it to me. The Lord continued, “You have a polis within you.” I then remembered that Lori and I had prayed about having cities inside our bellies [see Matthew 5] and that the Kingdom of God wants to break out, and the Lord has deposited cities inside of us, He has given us nations already, and we need to pray in intercession and act in obedience to see these cities and nations manifest in the earth as the Lord desires in these days.

Waterloo-on“There is a region inside of you” the Lord said. Three times He said. It. “There is a region inside of you. There is a region of cities inside of you.” Three times in total, I heard these words, “There is a region of cities inside of you.” The Lord continued, “There are seven stars in the region and these are the cities and those who have authority in the region. The Lamb and the Lion not only lie down with each other, but I the Lord am both the Lion and the Lamb” [see Isaiah 11, where the animals are lamb and wolf will lie down with each other].  Right away this registered with my heart and my spirit. Waterloo Region has a coat of arms with the Lion and the Lamb as its symbol. There are seven trilliums representing the seven communities in the region: Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, North Dumphries, Wellesley, Woolwich, and Wilmot. All this resonated in my spirit man and stirred up excitement for our region. I realized that God was moving all throughout the are and that He has set up “stars” as symbols of His Kingdom authority in each of these municipalities that comprise the Region of Waterloo. He has set up the “stars” as  gate keepers that oversee the Kingdom in these places and He is calling out all kinds of men and women and youth as agents of grace in new spheres of Kingdom activity and advancement. There is a harvest of souls coming into the body of Christ in this region.

acceptableThere Lord said that “Now is the acceptable time” [see 2 Corinthians 6].  This is a new season for our region and the Lord Himself is moving the body of Christ forward right now and putting people in strategic places for the breakout of the Kingdom that is upon you. It is “now”. The time is “now”. God is doing it, and the Lord is bringing it along with people who will hear His voice and obey, and do what is required for this Kingdom breakthrough and harvest.

Coming to terms with past failures in obedience meant repentance and trying again

obeyI realized that in the past I had failed miserably in my obedience to the Lord. I repented. I have decided that I will no longer make any excuses or see the Kingdom as manifesting here in Waterloo Region as an “impossible dream”. I will have the vision the Lord has for the region, and it will become my own. I will obey His voice and will depend on His divine insight and revelation, His strength, His power and His grace. He is leading and making the way forward. I am obeying and going along for the ride of my life! I care more about pleasing God than anything else. I do not know how much time I have left in this life, but I intend on making it count for something. Last fall as I dealt with this cancer, I wept before God to spare my life, and that I was not ready to die, and did not want to die, and that my life was unfulfilled and that He still had something for me to do for the Kingdom. Well this is it. This is my opportunity. I intend to live my life to the max for God.

Embracing God’s mandate for cities and regions

gospelThe Lord has a mandate for Waterloo Region and I am being a part of it, and so can anyone else in Waterloo Region.  The Lord reminded me, at the end of this encounter, that the devil “appears as a roaring lion” [see 1 Peter 5]. The Lord said, “All the devil can do is appear as a lion. All he can do is deceive, imitate, what is real and pure. All he can do is deceive. The enemy of your soul will attempt to deceive and will attempt to scare you from being who you are by using his roar against you. Be not deceived. I am the Lion of Judah. The devil is an imposter and a deceiver. The devil has been stripped of his power. The only power he has is what you give to him. You have the entire Kingdom within you at your disposal. You have more power at your disposal than the devil. Do not be deceived by this imposter. Do not be intimidated by this one that tries to mimic and deceive you. The roar of the devil is to deceive and bring fear into your heart. The roar of the Lion of Judah is to destroy the works of the devil and release the Kingdom.” I had not thought of that before and it really ministered to me in a deep way.

Awakened spirit and  awakened and alert to the voice of God and His purposes

cloudsAt this point the Lord said to me, “OK, Sam, you can go back now.” I opened my eyes, and the technician, Liz, said, “OK, Mr. Buick, we are all done now. You can go now whenever you are ready.” And, boom! Like that, it was all over. I was pretty thrilled and excited about what transpired, and about my prospects moving forward from this encounter. I was actually really excited about what the Lord is doing and going to do, not only in my life, but in the lives of so many people in Waterloo Region. I was so jacked leaving there, and walking across University Avenue to catch my shuttle bus back to the lodge. I couldn’t wait to tell Lori.

skypeWhen Lori got home, we ended up having a Skype call together and I shared this mystical encounter with her. We both went through a time of prayer with the Lord and confession for having not obeyed previous revelation from encounters and prophetic words and visions. We both realized how much we had missed on by just having the mystical ecstatic experience and how we had failed in the obedience aspect of what we receive from the Lord. We both made a profession of belief and action on what we receive from the Lord from here on out. It was a really great way to deal with the encounter and to apply a correction to the course of our lives and how we were going to live our life with God from this point forward. Lori read from Ezekiel chapter 2 and the scroll, which reminded me of the encounter I had. We prayed and prophesied forth what was in that chapter, that we would both be faithful to hear and obey the voice of the Lord and not be intimidated by people and whether or not they received what the Lord wanted to give, and that we would not be intimidated by the enemy of our souls. We prayed some more into what we read, and we celebrated communion via Skype on the Internet. The presence of the Lord was very strong. There are only good days ahead, even if they are difficult, they are good days, for the Lord goes before us and prepares the way and enables us to do His will. Smile, be filled with joy and courage, for the Lord goes before you


~ Sam Buick


About Sam Buick

A lover and disciple of Jesus Christ. Married to my best friend, Lori-Anne. Father to 3 incredible daughters, Carragh, Caitlin and Erinn, and sons-in-law Alex Barry, and Stephen Davis. An avid reader, a Droid user, a Mac addict, a lover of footy ball and football (there is a difference), and hockey. Once a soldier. Once a youth worker. Once an ordained minister. Once a claims adjuster. I don’t mind labels, labels define what type of Christian I am: I am a creationist I am a monergist I am a Trinitarian I am an imputationalist I am a Calvinist I am a cessationist ~ Samuel M. Buick
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