A Shift, A Change, A New Beginning and Positioning Myself In The Shift

A change in direction and attitude and focus

lionkingI took a break for half a week from blogging, not that I did not want to blog.  I was both busy and also dealing with many things.  So I took a break. Emotionally I feel good and I feel focused which is all good.  I have been able to relax and to meditate and to pray, and re-gather myself emotionally and spiritually.  I realize more than ever when you are fighting a life threatening illness, your emotions can be swayed with an extreme volatility in range of mood and experience.  I was never depressed as much as severely saddened by the situation.  It was not a self-pity type of sadness, but the acute awareness that at one level I do not want to die and I have yet so much more to live for. It was the sadness of my being apart from my family and friends.  If it were to happen, and it is sure to happen in some time in the future, but if it were to happen sooner than I desire or expect, I am more than ready to meet Jesus face to face.  That actually cheers me up and gives me incredible joy and peace.  It is that human connection with our loved ones, it is that thing, which causes the heart of the Christian to be sad. So I was struggling with that and it is a good thing to battle through. I feel I am in a new and better place emotionally and spiritually.

hopeinyouI have been able to process and go through some things as I await the CT scan tomorrow, 21 October, in Kitchener at Grand River Hospital.  The surgeon met with the oncologist, radiologist, and hematologist last Thursday, and they are awaiting the findings of this CT scan.  So this scan it is a pivotal point in this journey in dealing with the cancer, and the treatment options moving forward.  Your prayers are deeply appreciated on this.  I cannot fathom what people go through every day as they deal with this kind of stuff.

Spirit led key connections through important relationships

riordanIn the middle of the week last week, I had some friends from the USA, Nancy and Rick Festa who are related to our two friends, Jonathan and Brittany Festa, that we met in New Bern North Carolina in 2012, who reached out to me.  Nancy contacted me at the behest of Rick, with a contact, Kevin Riordan, from Pittsburgh PA, who ministers in healing and miracles.  I contacted Kevin who was quick to call me.  We arranged a time to meet over Facetime on his iPhone and on my MacBook Pro. Last Saturday we connected.  Kevin ministered and prayed for me concerning cancer and prayed for my healing.  I felt a shift and change.  I recorded the encounter using Quicktime.  I posted it on my Youtube channel (see below).  Another friend who saw it also saw things in the Spirit that were revealed in the encounter that confirmed some things for me as well.  So this was a significant encounter and one that really ministered life to me.  Kevin wants to keep in touch and is available to me whenever I need to reach him.

This is one of those Kingdom connections that you often hear about

sambrentronNone of us have any idea, of the people we know and how God is going to use them for the purposes of God, either in your own life, or the lives of others.  In my own sequence of events and divine appointments, the sequence is staggering.  My wife met a man who is involved in prophetic ministry, Brent Engelman, when he was running an online weekly prophetic ministry.  She got me connected with Brent.  We met online using Facetime and have been friends ever since.  During that same time frame, Lori connected to another man who is involved in prophetic and apostolic ministry, Ron Estes.

19230661388_e077542c0e_mLori had no idea both Brent and Ron knew each other, and neither did she know, that they live and minister in the same city!  I also connected through Lori with Ron.  Through that connection in February of 2012, Lori and I formed a great relationship with Ron Estes and Brent Engelman.  We connected regularly through the year.  Lori and I hosted and facilitated an Open Heaven Conference where the keynote speakers were Ron and Brent opnenheavenand that was in August of 2012, just after Lori and I came back from our mission trip to Eastern Europe, the Happy Cosmonaut Trip with John Crowder.  That fall we ran a five fold ministry gathering in our home, and also had a church gathering in our home all year long that met as well, and we stayed relationally connected to Brent and Ron.

sammikebrentThat December, Lori and I went to New Bern, North Carolina, where Ron and Brent live, and met a ton of people as we celebrated the week between Christmas and New Year in North Carolina.  We were part of a Todd Bentley conference at Brent’s church and met Michael Krysty there as well.  It was during these meetings that Lori and I met Britanny and Jonathan Festa.  The luxury of having a Mac and iPad is that you can go online with WIFI anywhere, so I kept adding friends to my FB and Twitter accounts.  When Jonathan and Brittany’s family saw me on FB, they befriended me as well. So these social media connections truly became Kingdom connections.  This led to last week.  Through the years since 2012 we have had continued opportunities to connect with our New Bern friends, and that connection with Jonathan and Brittany produced that encounter with Kevin Riordan that led to that ministry opportunity where I received prayer for healing.  Do not ever minimize the relationships in your life and how God is going to use them for His glory.

You walk together, you sow together, you reap together

19522641255_f9f21ed588_mI discovered that there are some relationships that you make, that grow and evolve and they change your life forever.  I have that kind of relationship with Brent and with Ron.  I love these men dearly and they are closer to me than brothers.  I understand in a deeper way what David had with Jonathan.  In 2013 Brent was invited to North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and he invited me to come along with him and minister there for half a week.  We went there and ministered there together in April and it was an incredible time of being in sync with the Spirit and totally in sync with another person, both of you wanting to hear God and speak forth what God has poured out into you.  It was at that time that God really gave me insight into what it means to prophetically walk intimately with Him, and to experience the prophetic convergence of divine encounter in specific life events. I am forever thankful that Brent and I had that encounter and experience together. It has forever shaped my life.  What we speak forth, and give away, and sow, we shall also reap. 

Prophetic signs are everywhere, you just need to be spiritually aware

IMG_20151018_101535825During our time of corporate worship at the church gathering on last Sunday, we had the usually celebratory expressions of joy and awe and reverence.  Flags are used in worship and it was no different on this particular day, but it was different.  October is the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in North America.  The NFL and the CFL both have campaigns that highlight the issue of breast cancer and raise funds for breast cancer.  The athletes wear pink trimmed gear, wrist bands, socks, towels, pink trimmed hats, and shirts, and the public can buy the gear and the donations go to this noteworthy cause.  On this particular Sunday, this woman had a navy blue flag and a pink flag and was waving them during our worship time.  She had made her way from her seat, and came to the front to the flag stand and took each flag and began waving them both around.  This startled me and got my attention.  You see the emblem for MBC (Men’s Breast Cancer) is pink and blue together.  Here was this woman during worship time, and with a song that declare the love and sovereignty of God, waving these flags in expression of love and adoration, and she was making a prophetic declaration in that act.  I was really stunned by it all.  She made her way across the front waving the flags and remained there a while.  Then she went up the left aisle waving all the while, and she went to the back and moved across the back to the top of the right aisle and was waving the flags.  I was transfixed and I watched the whole time.  She kept waving the flags and came down the aisle to her row which was directly across my row.  She stepped into her row and was in front of her seat, and she kept worshiping and waving the flags.  I keep watching.  Then the Lord spoke to me, “I rule over all. I am sovereign over cancer.  I am Jehovah Rapha.  All cancers are subject to Me.” This spoke directly to me.  I knew God was doing something incredible, and I was part of it.  I just needed to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear what He had to say to me.

Renewed connections reignited by the Spirit

Last week, during our Canadian Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law, Joyce, emilycelebrated her 80th birthday, and I got to reconnect with some other relatives, including Lora Dinsmore, who is also a fellow alumni from Emmanuel Bible College.  She too connected with me with Facebook Messenger and gave a contact of another person in our region who ministers in prayer ministry for healing and miracles.  So again I contacted this woman Emily, who happens to be friends with friends of mine, going way back, Howard Lenos and Allen Remley.  I missed her message back to me this past weekend, but she confirmed that we can meet this Friday for prayer ministry and that Allen will be there as well.  This is how God works, He reconnects and reignites old relationships and empowers ministry by His Spirit.  I am looking forward to this time together.

brittanyfestaLast night, Brittany and Jonathan reached out to me, as well, using Facebook, and they too want to connect using Facetime for a time of prayer and ministry.  So, do not minimize what God will do.  It is truly amazing what He will accomplish if we are aware and listening for His voice, and looking for His signs. He is always setting things up.  We just need to be in sync with His Spirit.  God is at work and is looking for us to awaken to His presence in our midst.

So as this week unfolds, it is just more proof of just how much God is present in our time

krysty1God is never taken by surprise.  Election results never bother him.  It bothers some of us.  All He ever asks is for us to be aware of who we are, who He is, and the season of life we are in, is to walk in His presence, aware and alive in Him, living out the Kingdom as He guides and leads us.  So now more than ever Christians need to live out a gracious life filled with love and good works, and to manifest Romans 13: 1-7 in our land.  I need to do this in my own life.

krysty4I realize more than ever this week, just how present God is with me and how He loves to minister through those who are called by His name.  Are you aware? Are you willing? Are you available to God? Seize the day and seize the moment.  It is a life giving and breathing adventure.  Not a dull moment in sight.  Peace.

~ Sam


About Sam Buick

A lover and disciple of Jesus Christ. Married to my best friend, Lori-Anne. Father to 3 incredible daughters, Carragh, Caitlin and Erinn, and sons-in-law Alex Barry, and Stephen Davis. An avid reader, a Droid user, a Mac addict, a lover of footy ball and football (there is a difference), and hockey. Once a soldier. Once a youth worker. Once an ordained minister. Once a claims adjuster. I don’t mind labels, labels define what type of Christian I am: I am a creationist I am a monergist I am a Trinitarian I am an imputationalist I am a Calvinist I am a cessationist ~ Samuel M. Buick
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