Frank Viola, Session 4: Organic Leadership

>> AUDIO: Session 4 Organic Leadership

Organic Leadership

Newmarket, ON, 27 June, 2009, Session 4: Frank Viola

Leadership today
What is organic leadership?
Apostolic leadership

Problem today: We have too many leaders and people who want to be leaders

What is more important than leadership is followership. Not enough people who want to be followers of Jesus Christ.

It you are lusting to lead. Give it up. Nail it to the cross. Shift to followership. Follow Jesus Christ and leadership will take care of itself.

A leader is someone who follows Christ. Followers are not following you but followership after Jesus Christ together.

Corporate leadership.

The crisis of leadership. Who is going to exert authority to push the church in a particular direction.

NT teaches “decision making” by corporate body. Following Christ together, where leadership rises up out of the followership after Jesus Christ.

Leadership is corporate. There is no leader. They move together and make decisions together. People may lead in their particular gift.

Everyone is involved. If you have a local leader, then it is not organic corporate leadership.

NT Church: There were more seasoned brothers/sisters, elders, did not run the show. It was a corporate shared decision making.
Apostolic Leadership
People who experienced authentic organic church life as a follower for a period of years.

At some point the church recognized that they had a certain gift to impart that vision, experience, to show a group Christians and non-believers to experience Christ together.

How to function under the headship of Jesus.

Learned at the feet of Jesus – apostles Learned at the feet of apostles – others learned what the apostles had learned at the feet of Jesus SENT ONES: apostolic
(ie) Barnabas sat under apostles for 3 years in Jerusalem and got connected with Paul who had 5 years – experiencing organic church life in Antioch

Each one experienced for themselves what they were sent out to do before being sent out.

You cannot produce what you have never experienced.

The results of not having experienced organic life are manifested in what populates the house church landscape.

WHAT DO WE DO? Have no idea!
What I think….
When God is doing something new, He usually restores something that has been lost. God is about restoring the house of God, in this nation.

Church in Jerusalem:
People from Roman empire – Day of Pentecost – sermon Acts 2 – We are going to bring Him in Jerusalem – learn and eat Christ- people moved and relocated – Barnabas moved from Cyprus to Jerusalem.

Go back to first things
Pick up one city in each province in Canada, and relocate to that one city, and live within 10 minutes of each other, and bring people who have experienced this, and show us how meet under Christ. As it grows and the foundation is laid, and it grows and multiplies. Going out and sent out to bring this to another place.


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