Morgentaler: Abortionist Activist Rewarded With Canada’s Recognition: Do Canadians Care? Will Anyone Give The Order of Canada Back As A Result?

I don’t often tee off on a story, but this one takes the cake. I tee off for two reasons. One I am a man who has been involved in bringing three daughters into the world. I have been an active parent in the birth and upbringing of my children. I love children and fatherhood. This “honour” bestowed on an abortionist is an affront to me as a father and a man, and as a Canadian. Secondly I am gravely disturbed how an unaccountable council can dispense such an honour to an abortionist, and not suffer the consequences. How can they not be held to account? What of other Canadians who have won this honour. Will any of them actually give back to their nation, this “honour” now sullied by its presentation to Dr. Morgentaler? I do not want the representative of the Crown, the figurehead of our nation to bestow any such honour on my behalf. To do so is rewarding a murder for the crimes committed against those who cannot defend themselves!

How did we get here? Has Canada regressed that much? Are we going to reward Nazis for the Holocaust next? The thousands of deaths of unborn babies through abortion is indeed the “silent holocaust” and no one can deny it by calling it “reproductive freedom” or that these are not babies but “fetuses.” What we have is life in the womb, supposedly a place of shelter and protection for the developing infant in the womb, being torn apart and the life taken, by the choice of a desperate woman who does not want the child. No “if, and or but” involved, or consideration for the infant, or for the infant’s father. How on earth did we get to this point?

I have seen over my life more and more derision of the “Christian” history of Canada in the last four decades, and more and more erosion of the influence of those who hold to historical Christianity in the culture, has made it difficult at times to live with one’s own conscience on how to live our life in Christ in the wider culture. The cultural war for me culminated in the mid 1980’s when the Supreme Court tossed out what was then Canada’s abortion law, which had minimal restraints and guidelines, to the position now held as legally no law whatsoever, thanks to the “champion of women’s rights, Dr. Henry Morgentaler.”

If you denote a ring of sarcasm, you are right in doing so. I make no bones about it, I find the lack of strict and moral guidelines, and the lack of consideration for the fathers of these yet unborn children, as advocates for the rights of the infant in the womb to be a complete violation of what a person would call “human rights.” A country is defined by how it treats it’s most vulnerable and helpless, and there are none as helpless and without a voice as those yet to be born. To hail Dr. Morgentaler (how does he get around the Hippocratic Oath??) as a champion of women’s health is ludicrous. He is a champion of advocating superior rights to women, over and against the rights of men, and worse yet, over the rights of the unborn. Unfortunately the Hippocratic Oath no longer applies to the conduct of physicians in the West, and it is simply a relic of the past. But do consider its meaning and the depth of care implied by it. Here is the Nova translation of the Oath and it runs as follows:

“I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepios and Hygeia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfill according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant:

To hold him who has taught me this art as equal to my parents and to live my life in partnership with him, and if he is in need of money to give him a share of mine, and to regard his offspring as equal to my brothers in male lineage and to teach them this art – if they desire to learn it – without fee and covenant; to give a share of precepts and oral instruction and all the other learning to my
sons and to the sons of him who has instructed me and to pupils who have signed the covenant and have taken an oath
according to the medical law, but no one else.

I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art.

I will not use the knife, not even on sufferers from stone, but will withdraw in favor of such men as are engaged in this work.

Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief and in particular of sexual relations with both female and male persons, be they free or slaves.

What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself, holding such things shameful to be spoken about.

If I fulfill this oath and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and art, being honored with fame among all men for all time to come; if I transgress it and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.”

I just wonder how we can honour such a man. True Morgentaler was himself a victim and his family of the Nazi Holocaust, and being part of that as a child can only create in the heart such deep wounds that it distorts and destroys what value for human life one must have had prior to the trauma of the Holocaust. Yet, that cannot be an excuse either, for there are many thousands of its victims who have not trod the path of Morgentaler, who have had the greatest compassion for those who are victims and for those who are in dire straits themselves, for they remember what they have overcome and they remember the self respect and the dignity of human life and treasure it. For whatever reasons, Morgentaler has concluded that it is a noble thing to stand for the reproductive rights of women.

As a man, and a father, I take offence not only against that very premise from this man, but with my own government, that is supposed to represent all citizens and represent the common good, and the rights of all, even the unborn, to allow this action, to bestow our highest public honour and recognition to such a man.

This man, Morgentaler, is not worthy of such an honour. If the government will not act to prevent it, then I call on all recipients of the Order of Canada, who in good conscience are offended by this act, to return the medal and its privileges back to the Governor General of Canada, as they are no longer able to bear the burden of it.

Surely some Canadians will in good conscience return the medal. I certainly hope and pray that some stand will be taken. I am ashamed to be a Canadian today because of this. I am
ashamed of being a Canadian male, who has no influence in protecting the rights of the unborn. May God have mercy upon us and our nation.

You may want to write to the Prime Minister of Canada (click here).

You can locate your Member of Parliament here.

Priest returning Order of Canada to Governor General rather than be associated with Morgentaler.

Order of Canada award sparking protest.

See also what happened in Calgary.

Peter Mansbridge, CBC coverage.

< < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < DISCLAIMER < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < <

The above blog post was written at a time when I was eclectic in my theological & biblical views and understanding.  As of 5 February 2017 I am a functional cessasionist, that is, I believe the spiritual gifts, in particular gift like the vocative, prophetic gifts as well as healing & miracles have ceased. This means that my understanding is that at the end of the apostolic era, when the last apostle died (that would be John who was at Patmos & Ephesus, the author of the Gospel of John, Epistles of John & the Revelation of Jesus Christ, with his passing, the need for these particular gifts, the oracles of God given to men through the Holy Spirit, were no longer required.  With the forming of the Canon of Scripture, there came to be no need for revelatory gifts. In fact in Revelation, John himself records the words of Jesus, “18 I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book. 19 And if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share of the tree of life and the holy city, which are written about in this book.” [Revelation 22, CSB]

God is sovereign, still heals, still manifests in the miraculous, but not at the whim or the discretion of men. We pray and ask the Lord, and then we yield and surrender to His will, echoing the words and the spirit of Christ, “Not my will but your will be done.” [Luke 22:42].

I embrace and hold to a Reformed understanding of theology & Christian living in the world. I have abandoned my other views entirely. I would be more akin to a Reformed Baptist (1689 Confession) type of Reformed theology. I used to be a continuationist (akin to John Piper) but no longer.

God bless you as you seek to know Christ and the power of His resurrection [Philippians 3:10 CSB].

In the eternal grip of Jesus,

Samuel M. Buick

Waterloo, Ontario

29 January 2018

< < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < END OF DISCLAIMER < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < <

About Sam Buick

A lover and disciple of Jesus Christ. Married to my best friend, Lori-Anne. Father to 3 incredible daughters, Carragh, Caitlin and Erinn, and sons-in-law Alex, and Stephen Davis. An avid reader, a Droid user, a Mac addict, a lover of footy ball and football (there is a difference), and hockey. Once a soldier. Once a youth worker. Once an ordained minister. Once a claims adjuster. I don’t mind labels, labels define what type of Christian I am: I am a creationist I am a monergist I am a Trinitarian I am an imputationalist I am a Calvinist I am a cessationist ~ Samuel M. Buick
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